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Vinny, Vinny, Vending Machine, come give me a try, I'm a real cool guy, let's help save the Planet, just you and I. 

Vinny with bottle.png

Vinny Vending Machine

Vinny the Reverse Vending Machine is the future of recycling. He tries to convince everyone to try him and his brother Manny out, and that recycling isn't so bad, you get to come back as something new and it's good for the environment. He is a likable guy but some of the friends are afraid of him. They think he's out to recycle them...and he is.

The Reverse Vending Machine is designed to facilitate the reuse and recycling of materials. The Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) creates a Clean Loop and helps create a Circular Economy. The materials can be used over and over again, cleaned and made into something new. It allows users to conveniently deposit empty plastic or glass containers and sometimes, receive a reward in return. This encourages people to take part in the recycling process, reduce waste and preserve our natural resources. 

Manny Vending Machine.png

Manny - Vinny's Brother

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