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Bella with lashes and brows.png

Bella Bottle, they envy my shape, but I'm still a Superhero without the cape.

Bella Bottle

Bella Bottle is very confident. She's beautiful and thinks everyone is envious of her curvy shape. She is an entertainer and is always singing. She loves the latest designer accessories. She thinks that if she gets recycled, it will ruin her beauty and that she'll be repurposed as a beer bottle with a beer tummy so she avoids it at all costs.


She is made of glass and is determined to make a difference in the environment. Unfortunately, her presence is causing problems as she refuses to be recycled. Despite her good intentions, Bella Bottle’s presence is cluttering landfills and contributing to pollution. She can be pretty dangerous too when recycling. Her sharp edges make people tremble in fear. It is up to us to do the right thing and make sure she is recycled properly. Let’s make sure Bella Bottle gets a second chance to make a difference.

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