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Peter Plastic, bold and majestic, I hold a lot of water, I try not to loiter.

Peter Plastic

Very brave and bold. He feels he's the leader of the gang and everyone goes to him for advice. He's been recycled several times. He explains to them how he keeps coming back because of Vinny, the (Reverse) Vending Machine and the  Clean Loop it creates. Peter has been cleaned, refilled and used over and over again, preserving our natural resources and his life-span.

Peter Plastic Bottle is a character who represents how bad plastic bottles are for the environment. He does not want to be recycled, preferring to stay in her original form. However, if he is recycled, he can be made into new things like clothing, furniture, and even playground equipment. With proper recycling, Peter Plastic Bottle can be given a new purpose and help make a difference in the world.

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