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Terms & Conditions

Thanks for entering the Recycle-Lynne Sustainability challenge presented by Poshabilities a 501c3 nonprofit and your local leaders. 

Rules, Terms & Conditions

Contest deadlines are strictly adhered to assure fairness to all participants. Please see the individual contest page for timelines and deadlines for each contest.


The winning schools will receive cash for the school. The winning classes will receive cash and school supplies for the teacher of that class. Each individual school will vote for the overall school winning class. That winning class will be entered into the District contest then the State contest. Each contest follows this same procedure. Each contest has one State winner, one District winner and one school winner. Other prizes include a certificate of participation, plaque, medal or trophy recognizing your school as the Title Winner, a visit from Recycle-Lynne and Friends, pizza party and a trip to Atlanta to participate in the Sustainability Festival "Recyclelodia". Schools may enter one, two or all three contests.


Participants are required to send a video and photos of their project. Each school is required to send in the items by the posted deadline no later than midnight on that date Eastern Standard Time. 


Videos cannot exceed 4 minutes in length. You may use a mobile phone to record your video.  Your video should state the school name, City, District, Principal's name and teacher's name at the beginning of the video. The project name should also be stated at the beginning. The video format can be Show & Tell, a story that you create, a narration. You may also act it out or come up with your own unique way to present it. You are free to be creative create as long as your project is being described and explained with clarity so viewers and the judges understand it.


Videos will be judged by a panel of sustainable professionals. Winners will be announced and contacted on the date stated on the individual contest page.  

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